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Carioni, a story of goodness that has been handed down from generation to generation for 100 years

Carioni, a story of goodness that has been handed down from generation to generation for 100 years

The year 1920 and in Trescore Cremasco, in the heart of the Cremasca countryside, lives a family with a small farm, little cattle and a huge love for the land. A love that continues to be handed down from generation to generation and that has animated the family business to make Carioni a top player in the agri-food sector.

In the name of tradition
Today the company has 1300 animals , more than 800 hectares of land located in Lombardy and is the protagonist, both in the processing of land and in the breeding of beef and milk, as in dairy processing and in the sale of genuine products and healthy, both in Italy and abroad. A unique reality in which everything comes to life from the earth, from simple and natural things. The land continues to be cultivated with the same passion that his grandfather Tommaso transmitted to his grandchildren. Cows are raised with respect, in stalls that are functional to their well-being and fed with fodder coming from their own and non-owned fields. Everyday  "" it collects the freshest milk from the farms and it is processed in the company's dairy, through a modern and efficient process, without the addition of preservatives or bleaches. A short chain, indeed very short and controlled, a guarantee of quality and safety for consumers. All part of the strong respect for tradition, which creates in the Carioni brothers a desire for diversification and an insatiable hunger for discovery, aimed at analyzing all the elements that promote consumer welfare.

The company today
After years of investment in research and development and thanks to a deep culture of innovation, in 2015 Carioni Food & Health was founded. A brand with the aim of satisfying the most demanding palates, respecting well-being and health. Carioni has several lines of products, from the renowned DOP cheeses, including the Salva Cremasco ( in the image on the side ), a typical product of our territory, to fresh cheeses, with the delicious Bacio di Mamma Mucca . It also offers a lactose-free line with high digestibility and with O mega 3 , from a natural nutritional supply chain. The participation in the E xpo Milan 2015 allowed to go beyond the territorial dimension and opened the way also to foreign markets: Europe, America, United Arab Emirates and Australia. The genuineness and quality of the products is recognized not only by consumers, but also by important certifications and acknowledgments. Also on the occasion of Expo Milano 2015, the company received the " Fattore Futuro " award, sponsored by Mipaaf, as one of the twenty most innovative farm businesses in Italy.

Bio of nature

And the future? The future is Bio! An ethical choice, an opportunity to emerge, a social commitment to improve the concept of nutrition. A new brand Carioni Bio di Natura , a new complete line of milk, cheese and yogurt with fruit without sugars, but with low glycemic agave syrup. A new chapter in the history to be written, entirely dedicated to what, after 100 years, is still the most precious asset: the well-being of people and the love for the earth.

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