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Carioni Bio of Nature. Passion, tradition and genuineness, from today also biological

Carioni Bio of Nature. Passion, tradition and genuineness, from today also biological

Last year the agricultural company Carioni successfully completed the process of total conversion to organic. A natural evolution for a company that boasts a centenary history of love for the land. A path of growth and attention to the sustainability and well-being of consumers that led to the birth of the new " Carioni Bio di Natura " brand. The mission is to offer the best dairy products of the Cremasco with the added value of the Organic.

M what does "Bio" mean?
Sometimes the concept is simplified to agriculture without pesticides and pesticides. In reality, biological is much more, it means "love for nature", respect for ourselves and what surrounds us. Organic culture is the best way to protect the environment. In fact, those who produce organic use sustainable techniques, limiting the exploitation of the environment and natural resources and helping the conservation of biodiversity. All of this can make our planet a less polluted, greener and healthier place for society. The Carioni company, thanks to the most advanced techniques in the sector, cultivates different cultures,  "" intended for feeding dairy cows. The result is clear: the animal, having a healthy and balanced diet, produces a more genuine milk, without residues of chemical substances and with high values ​​of Omega 3 .

The tte 100% Italian
The animals are left to graze freely for some hours of the day, so that they can relax and lead a healthier and longer life. 100% Italian milk is collected and processed directly in the dairy, inside the company, through a modern and efficient process, without the addition of preservatives or bleaches. A short supply chain, indeed, very short and controlled, guaranteeing quality and safety for consumers. With the Carioni Bio line by Natura , the Cremasca company looks to the future, to modern consumers who are more aware of spending and are more likely to have a healthy lifestyle. The organic line is dedicated to them: milk, yogurt and good and genuine cheeses.

The leader of innovation in the agri-food sector
The milk, fresh every day, milked and enclosed in recycled glass bottles, to maintain taste and creaminess and respect the environment. The best cheeses of the traditional, fresh and aged, and the line of natural yogurt without sugar with organic fruit, complete with sachet of organic agave syrup, perfect for breakfast or for a fresh and healthy snack. And it's just the beginning. A year from the complete transformation to organic, the company continues to invest in research and technology to find advanced culture and planting methods and optimal production techniques, both from the point of view of profitability, both for customer satisfaction, positioning itself as innovation leader in the agri-food sector.
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