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Carioni wins the "Future Generations" award

Carioni wins the "Future Generations" award

Tommaso Carioni, owner with his brother Mario and his sister Tiziana of the homonymous farm, won the "Generazioni Future" prize, awarded on Monday, October 15th at the 7th Milan Food Safety Exhibition

MILAN - Always stay true to yourself, challenging the fear of chasing the future. And win. For the company Carioni Food and Health, this is not just a slogan, but pure reality. Tommaso Carioni, owner together with his brother Mario and his sister Tiziana of the homonymous leading company in the food industry, was awarded the "Generations Future" prize in Milan on Monday, October 15, assigned by the Humanitarian Society, Felice Ferri Agricultural Foundation and Sustainable Development, on the occasion of the seventh edition of the Food Safety Exhibition for the celebrations of the World Food Day 2018. Reason for the award: helping to spread the culture of food safety and sustainability. An important recognition, which is added to those received in the past, to an entrepreneur who has been able to reconcile the values ​​of tradition with the most recent needs for food and environmental sustainability. «Respect for health and respect for the environment are essential bases to carry out our work to the fullest and create a genuine and tasty product».

A few words that tell a daily commitment almost a century long. Founded in 1920, the Carioni company has been able to grasp the new stimuli given by our era, without forgetting the roots that have allowed it to grow strong and solid. "We are born peasants and we want to stay. We have expanded, we have achieved satisfactory results, recognitions that are good for the heart, but the developments that this era has suggested and allowed us are just an aid to better feed the love for the earth. They will never take the upper hand over what we are. " The days in the Carioni company are, in fact, marked by simplicity. «Every morning we think about our animals, our products and our guests, our customers». Because the customer in such a careful environment can not help but feel at home. "We try to make the customer try a taste experience, without forcing it. The purchase should not be an imposition, but the outcome of a listening experience ".

800 hectares of land located in Lombardy, 1300 animals. From simple things everything comes to life, is exhausted and regenerated. «We give life to a production cycle that is exhausted and regenerated in our home. We try to take from our territory what we strive to return in other forms ». But this effort has not yet been fully repaid. "Exporting your products abroad is a great satisfaction, but there is nothing more beautiful than selling products to your people. However, from this point of view, the work to be done is still infinite ».

To try to break the hearts of Italian consumers, Carioni aims to eradicate the current dogma of everyday consumption, even asking for help from technology. "There is a continuous and insatiable hunger for change in us that lately is pushing us towards a computerized and robotic agricultural world". So this will be the inheritance that Thomas will give to future generations, in the certainty of not betraying the past teachings and love for the earth: "There is no risk, because, if you feel neglected, the earth always calls to itself . And, I am sure, it will also do it with future generations ».

Gloria Giavaldi- Posted Daily October 23rd 2018

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