Since 1920
a century of excellence.

Trescore Cremasco, in the heart of the farmland surrounding Crema, one family, 7 cows and a strong desire to grow.

From father to son tradition
is handed down
and renewed.

Constantly strengthened production know-how and investments in advanced technologies, until full energy efficiency through renewable energies, transform Carioni into a nationally recognized model of excellence within agricultural business. From forage plantation to dairy cows breeding, from the in-house cheese processing to direct selling, Carioni guarantees the entire production process.

Sometimes you have to go back
to the past to watch the future


Earth is still the most precious good

Currently our company has more than 1600 animals,800 hectares of land and it covers 4 different areas in Lombardy.

Trescore Cremasco,
Casaletto Vaprio,
Crema, Romanengo,
Pantigliate e Vignate.

Among the main activities there are the processing of agricultural lands,the breeding of bovines for milk production and the cheese factory.

Sede legale e operativa
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